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Croatia has been on our list for a while and we were so excited to be visiting this stuning destination. We bid farewell to Buddy and Sadie, two of the cutest dogs you’ll ever meet and hit the road. Croatia awaited our arrival, and Dubrovnik, with its timeless allure, was our first destination.

Talk about stepping into a magical world.

Arriving in Dubrovnik: Upon landing at Dubrovnik airport, our anticipation soared. Our Airbnb host had arranged a driver who guided us through the Buza gate, one of the three entrances to the walled city. The moment we stepped inside, we were transported to a bygone era of white limestone streets and a maze of charming staircases. While staying within the walls offered a truly immersive experience, venturing outside is equally rewarding.


Dubrovnik’s Timeless Charm: As we wandered through the narrow streets we were captivated with the architectural marvels and the gentle sea breeze on our faces. The city is small but encompasses an abundance of wonders waiting to be explored. Prepare to be captivated by the historic Old Port, where you can relax with a drink while gazing at the shimmering sea, the bobbing boats, and the vibrant tapestry of people.


History and Culture: Dubrovnik’s rich heritage is on display through its myriad of churches, each with its own unique story to tell. We stumbled upon St. Saviour, where a candlelight concert offered an enchanting evening of music. Embrace spontaneity during your travels, sometimes these unplanned moments become the most cherished memories. A must-visit attraction in Dubrovnik is Rector’s Palace where we marveled at the fascinating art and history within its walls. You can step into it’s interesting old prison.

Unlocking Dubrovnik’s Treasures:  We opted for a one-day pass, granting us access to the palace, several museums, and the magnificent city walls. This comprehensive pass proved well worth it, providing a deeper understanding of Dubrovnik’s past and offering breathtaking vistas of the city’s panorama.


Food in Dubrovnik

Culinary Delights: Dubrovnik is a food lover’s paradise, and we discovered some true culinary gems during our stay. Cafe Festival charmed us with their excellent grilled vegetables and herbed goat cheese, bursting with freshness and flavor. While strolling through the city’s hidden streets, we stumbled upon The Rudjer, an enchanting restaurant tucked away near the sea wall. Every dish served at Rudjer is crafted with love, creativity, and a dedication to quality. We relished a sumptuous Risotto with beefsteak and forest mushrooms, as well as a Vegetarian pizza topped with a delightful array of ingredients.


A Toast to Dubrovnik: To conclude a day filled with exploration, we recommend a visit to D’VINO WINE BAR, a locally owned establishment that exudes a lively atmosphere. Unwind with a glass of exquisite Croatian wine, as the friendly owners share their expertise and stories.


Dubrovnik, walking around the walls

Unmissable Experiences: Walking atop Dubrovnik’s ancient walls is an absolute must. The awe-inspiring views from this vantage point are simply breathtaking. We completed the two-hour circuit, reveling in the panoramic vistas, and then discovered a hidden gem—a hole in the wall leading to the edge of the sea. Don’t forget to visit the famous Buza Bar, perched on a cliff, where you can sip a refreshing drink while listening to the crashing waves. Remember to bring cash as it’s the only accepted form of payment.


Escape to Lokrum Island: A short ferry ride from the Old Port transports you to the idyllic Lokrum Island. During the 15-minute journey, you’ll be treated to mesmerizing views of Dubrovnik’s coastline. Upon arrival, the crystal-clear aqua green waters surrounding the island beckon you for a refreshing swim. Don’t miss the opportunity to float in the “dead sea” and marvel at the sight of jellyfish gracefully drifting by. Indulge in a delightful lunch amidst the island’s lush trees at a restaurant frequented by peacocks, who rule over Lokrum with regal charm.


For Game of Thrones Enthusiasts: If you’re a fan of the popular series, Dubrovnik offers a treat in the form of a Game of Thrones exhibit. Take a seat on the official throne (located on Lokrum Island) adding an extra touch of excitement to your journey.


Conclusion: Dubrovnik, with its historical charm, mesmerizing architecture, and hidden wonders, has etched itself into our hearts. This city of winding streets, countless stairs, and free-roaming cats offers an experience that is both awe-inspiring and unforgettable. So, pack your bags, immerse yourself in Dubrovnik’s tapestry, and let this enchanting city leave an indelible mark on your soul.


Next off we head to Mostar, Bosnia.


Travel Tips for Exploring Dubrovnik:

  • Comfortable Footwear: Dubrovnik’s streets are known for their countless stairs and winding alleys. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking and navigating uneven surfaces.
  • Early Morning Explorations: To avoid crowds and make the most of your visit, consider starting your day early. This allows you to enjoy the city’s beauty and attractions before the influx of tourists.
  • City Wall Walk Timing: If you plan to walk along the city walls, it’s best to do so early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the midday heat. Additionally, starting your walk from Pile Gate may be less crowded compared to other entrances.
  • Cash on Hand: While most places in Dubrovnik accept credit cards, it’s a good idea to carry some cash, especially when visiting smaller establishments or popular spots like Buza Bar.
  • Local Cuisine Exploration: Don’t limit yourself to the main streets when it comes to dining. Venture into the winding side streets and hidden corners to discover authentic local restaurants. These hidden gems often offer delicious cuisine and a more intimate dining experience.
  • Engage with the Locals: Interacting with the locals can enhance your experience and provide valuable insights. Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations, seek recommendations, or ask for local tips. Croatians are known for their warmth and hospitality and we enjoyed getting to know them.
  • Plan for Game of Thrones Fans: If you’re a Game of Thrones enthusiast, allocate time to visit the dedicated exhibition and sit on the official throne. However, be prepared for potential crowds, especially during peak tourist seasons. For ticket bookings and more information, you can visit the official website of the Game of Thrones Exhibition: gameofthronesexhibition.com
  • Ferry to Lokrum Island: When planning a visit to Lokrum Island, consider taking an early ferry to avoid long lines. Arriving early allows you to explore the island and its attractions at a more leisurely pace. For ferry schedules and ticket bookings, you can visit the official website of Jadrolinija, the ferry operator: jadrolinija.hr
  • Sun Protection: Dubrovnik enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate, so be sure to protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, especially during the peak summer months.
  • Water Bottle: Keep a refillable water bottle handy to stay hydrated while exploring the city. You can find public water fountains in some areas.
  • Transportation Options: Old TownDubrovnik is relatively compact and can be explored on foot. Use public transportation or taxis to reach destinations outside the city, such as the airport or nearby attractions. For public transportation schedules and information, you can visit the official website of Libertas Dubrovnik, the local transport company: libertasdubrovnik.com

Remember, traveling is a personal journey, so adapt these tips to your preferences and make the most of your time in Dubrovnik. Embrace the charm, soak in the history, and create your own memorable experiences in this captivating Croatian city.